Allegato al post: Una bellissima volpe, soccorsa e cresciuta da una ragazza, si comporta come un cane

Todd the fox with owner Emma D’Sylva. A tame fox which was rescued as a baby cub now thinks he is a DOG after being raised like a domestic pet – and even goes for walks on a LEAD. See NTI story NTIFOX. Owner Emma D’Sylva, 25, adopted Todd when he was just four-months old and looked after him at her home, which she shares with two other dogs. And the 11-month-old fox has spent so much time around the other pooches – he has started to behave like them. Todd goes for walks with Emma’s other pet hounds Sky and Oakley causing other dog-walkers to double-take when they spot the fox trotting through the local park. He also sleeps in a kennel in his enclosure in the garden, plays with dog toys and even wags his tail when it’s feeding time.